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Tokyo indie pop band Downtown Market formed in 2012. Sleepingowl and Kurumi Sasaki have met in their high school days in Iwate, which is located in north part of Japan. After they graduated, and moved to Tokyo, started Downtown Market.

In 2013, supported a gig for Hey Anna they are indie pop sisters from Brooklyn, New York. In 2014, supported a gig for Ringo Deathstarr they are shoegaze band from Texas, Austin. Besides, played with Japanese musicians such as  Teen Runnings, The fin., Homecomings and Hitsujibungaku etc.

Stay With Me, a single, Downtown Market released on February, 2020 was featured by various indie curators and music blogs such as David Dean Burkhart's YouTube, Indie Shuffle etc. Also, Downtown Market released a cover single, Lover in the Snow for Weezer on May, 2020. It was mixed and mastered by Cameron Lew who is Aggressive Elevator Soul, Ginger Root. 

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Featured on David Dean Burkhart

Featured on Compact Cassette by David Dean Burkhart

Featured on Indie Shuffle

-"Resonating with my inner nostalgia and yearn for that period of time, I couldn't help but feature this one. "Stay With Me" may not offer anything fancy or unprecedented, but it has an infectious energy that'll draw you to it."

Featured on Obscure Sound

-"The contrasting tones of the vocalists play with interesting allure. The band take pride in a no-frills, melodic sound — one that reminds of Kero Kero Bonito’s recent rock-forward direction."

Featured on We All Want Someone To Shout For

-"This is one of the most delightful tracks we’ve heard this month, we are looking forward to hearing more from this duo very soon."

Featured on SSG Music

-Born and raised in northern Japan, a place often described as possessing “untouched Japanese landscapes”, the two artists effortlessly communicate harmless naiveté and the need for closeness.

Featured on LOUD WOMAN's 'Track of the DAY'

-"‘Stay With Me’ is some breezy indie-pop, proudly displaying the band’s influences of the Cribs."

Featured on Surviving Golden Age

-"The track mixes Real Estate-esque guitars with dueling male/female vocals to create a dreamy beachwave feel."

Featured on Janglepophub

-"Japan’s Downtown Market deserve their place among the current crop of South East Asia’s indie-pop luminaries."

Featured on Hello Asia

-"‘Stay With Me’ is dreamlike and transient in the way each sound gently shifts from one sound to another."

Featured on Mindies

-"La naturalidad con la que son capaces de encontrar siempre los riffs más huidizos resulta de lo más admirable, sirviendo en todo momento para que reforzar una base melódica que cala hondo a la primera."

Featured on SamFish Music

Featured on HOLIDAY!RECORDS Best New Music

Featured on Ano(t)racks City Pop / Bedroom Pop / Indie Pop - 24/7 Radio

Featured on TOWER DOORS

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Downtown Maket - Show
Downtown Maket - Show
Downtown Maket - Show
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