Booking & Management:

Indie popwave band  based in Tokyo.
Vo.Gt.// Sleepingowl    Vo.Ba.// ササキ クルミ(Kurumi Sasaki)
and support members.
downtown market is indie popwave band based in Tokyo, Japan.
Both of them were born in Iwate countryside in Japan.
They played in the same rock band during high School days.
And they got the grand-prize of local band competition in 2007 in Iwate. ​
They formed a band "downtown market" in winter 2012 at Yokohama.
They supported various artist's shows , that of Ringo Deathstarr(Austin), Hey Anna(New York), Dylan Sires and Neighbors(Iowa), Homecomings, The fin., Biidoro, Teen Runnings etc. ​
In 2019, They moved to Tokyo, and released 4th EP "Instant Dreams"
Sleepingowl loves Cornerius, Hoops, Real Estate, Weezer, The Cribs, Noname and so on.
Kurumi loves comfortable lo-fi songs, like Pavement, Shintaro Sakamoto, Yuck etc.