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Indie popwave band  based in Tokyo.
Vo.Gt.// Sleepingowl    Vo.Ba.// Kurumi Sasaki
and support members.

Downtown Market is the band based in Tokyo Japan,
Sleepingowl and KurumiI Sasaki as member, they were born and raise in Iwate, which is located in north part of Japan.

Sleepingowl wears a funny sweatshirt and he shows a gentle smile, but it seems like he has keen senses behind his eyes.
On the other hand, Kurumi with a shy smile loves fashion as a place of self-expression.

The band has been active since 2012, supported by various members.
Thinking of each other as part of their body, as if you felt the tears and smiles of the other person,
although they are a “man” and a “woman”, they are not in an ephemeral relationship like lovers.

Their relationship overflows into their songs.
They create not too clear sound, it is like a sound shifting from standard of the sound.
Like “white or black”, “justice or evil”, “man or woman”.
Beyond that border, there is nothing to bind them, as in the recent world where everyone finds their personality in being free.
When you listen to the song, you can see the scenery and the moment behind it.

Each color mixes and you will feel like you are immersed in a world of their fusion.
Sleepingowl's guitar blends naturally into the melody, gently supporting the whole song.
The songs sound mellow, and make you unconsciously into the sound before you notice.

Kurumi's base is catchy but appears to be a natural melody facilitator.
The mix of the two seems to respect each other like a wave of cycling, again and again.
A live video of "My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer is the original experience of the music started by Sleepingowl,
who writes all the songs of Downtown Market.
Sleepingowl got goosebumps when a faded-in guitar sound came in just before chorus,
which paved a way for his sound production work.

Sensitive to the environment and music surrounding it, enthusiastic about “The Cribs”,
falling in love with the violence and kindness of “Yo La Tengo”, and feeling the real feel of “Real Estate” and “Hoops”,
the sensitivity changes day by day.

Since the band was formed, it has been busy around them and being reborn.
The music got more comfortable, gentler, and the colors that both of them show were changed gradually because of the accumulated time and the walls that had been overcome.

They said that ”Music is the context”.
Every artist does not release the songs by its own.
It is influenced by everything they have seen and heard since birth.
Born while being involved with “something” and “everything”.

No matter how similar artist they are, never it will be the same.
They also play music in a context like blood, inherited, connected to the past, and connected to the future.

The music is not a necessary part of the human life process, which the margins of life that people can live without.
But music makes life wonderful. Downtown Market make music, a so-called “life work”.

A life in which all the answers are clear is a bit boring.
“Self and others”, “happiness and unhappiness”, emotions cannot exist alone.
People have no way to live without living with something else and live in a context.

It's very hard to accept other “colors”, but it's lonely with only your own color, and it's a little tedious and lovable.
It is a very warm resent to live with something mixed and involved.

They gather “something feeling good" every day rather than a big accident and a big deal like a UFO falls,
It mixes “colors” and fosters an unambiguous ambiguity rather than a clear and easy-to-understand one.
Downtown Market has the ups and downs of human emotions and the feelings of humanity when living with someone like that.

Wrote by Yumeno Hayashi
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